Vit-A-Way Mineral Bag
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Vit-A-Way® Sheep and Goat Mineral

Vit-A-Way® Sheep and Goat Mineral is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and added flavor to promote healthy intake in sheep and goats on pasture.

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Features: Benefits:
Formulated for Hi-Pro Feeds Vit-A-Way mineral program which provides an economical option for your sheep or goat herd Nutrition needs are matched closely to animal requirements while maintaining an economical cost per day.
Lower phosphorus level A lower level of phosphorus is necessary when forages are green and growing, and livestock deficiencies are not so great.  Phosphorus intake affects reproduction, teeth, and bone development, and energy transfer in the body.
Yeast culture Beneficial to rumen microorganisms helping to increase fiber digestibility and maintain rumen pH.
Granular form A form that is more accessible to your animals and encourages the intake of the mineral supplement when animals are deficient and will benefit from consumption.

Locate mineral station in loafing area where livestock congregate, near a continuous supply of clean, fresh water. Offer free choice as the only source of supplementary minerals for sheep and goats. A variation in consumption may be noticeable according to the quality of forage available. Protect from rain.


Calcium (min) 14.4% Salt (min) 22.5%
Calcium (max) 17.3% Salt (max) 27.0%
Phosphorus (min) 8.0% Vitamin A (min) 99,00 IU/lb
Selenium (min) 19.9% Copper (min) 2.0 ppm


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