Poultry Feed Bag

Start Grow Lay Pellet

Tag: 13824285
Form: Pellet
Weight: 50 lbs.

The Start Grow Lay Crumble is a nutritious crumble for starting laying chickens through growth laying chickens.

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Crude Protein 22.0% Calcium (min) 1.5%
Lysine 1.0% Calcium (max) 2.0%
Methionine 0.4% Phosphorous 0.7%
Crude Fat 3.0% Salt (min) 0.3%
Crude Fiber 5.0% Salt (max) 0.8%

Feed to starting and growing layers from hatching to approximately 10 weeks of age. Feed oyster shells prior to laying to meet additional calcium needs due to egg production. Always keep plenty of clean water available for drinking.

Friona, TX

Hill Country at Comanche, TX

Cheyenne, OK

Caution: This feed contains added copper. Do not feed to sheep or other related species.

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