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Amprolium Crumbles (Medicated)

Hi-Pro Amprolium Crumbles (medicated with Amprolium) is for the treatment and/or prevention of coccidiosis in feedlot beef and dairy calves.

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Features: Benefits:
Prevents coccidiosis, A severe disease caused by a parasite Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zurnii. Coccidia damage the intestinal ling leading to decreased performance.     Better herd health and performance.
Helps promote feed consumption and feed conversion. Coccidiosis is controlled which maintains intestinal health.  Feed is not wasted because of poor absorption of nutrients.
Good tool to treat clinical coccidiosis.    Treatment allows sick cattle to get back on track. Treatment allows sick cattle to get back on track.
Easy to feed. A better method of treatment than adding Corid® to the water.
Easy calculation of feeding level. For prevention, feed 0.1 pounds per hundred pounds body weight or 0.2 pounds per hundred pounds for treatment.

Prevention: feed 0.1 pounds per 100 pounds body weight to furnish 227 mg/100 pounds body weight. Continue feeding for 21 days.

Treatment: feed 0.2 pounds per 100 pounds body weight to furnish 454 mg/100 pounds body weight for five days. Treatment should be administered on a herd basis. When one calf shows coccidiosis, it is likely that the rest of the group has been exposed and all calves in the group should be treated.


Crude Protein (min) 14.0% Crude Fiber (max) 25.0%
Crude Fat (min) 3.5%
Active Drug Ingredient:
Amprolium 2.27 grams per pound


Withdraw 24 hours before slaughter. Use as the sole source of Amprolium.

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