Hi-Pro Alfalfa Formula Pellet

Alfalfa Formula Pellet is an easy-to-feed source of healthy ration approved by nutritionists for mature horses.

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Features Benefits
Alfalfa product in a convenient form.  More accessible to feed and less waste than baled hay.
Nutritious part of a healthy ration. Use to supplement pasture, hay, and grain to build a complete diet.
Can be fed to ruminants.    Convenient nutrient source for cattle, goats, and sheep.

Disperse as a replacement for alfalfa hay.


Crude Protein (min) 15.0% Phosphorus (min) 0.3%
Crude Fat (min) 1.5% Selenium (min) 0.1 ppm
Crude Fiber (max) 28.0% Zinc (min) 20 ppm
Calcium (min) 1.0% Vitamin A None Added
Calcium (max) 1.5%
  • Friona, TX
  • Comanche, TX

Provide fresh, clean water at all times. Keep feed fresh in cool, dry storage. Do not use feed that is old, molded, or contaminated by insects.

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