Rumin Cattle Block

A medicated free choice block for beef cattle and dairy replacement heifers on pasture.

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Features: Benefits:
Active Drug Ingredient:  Monensin Improves feed efficiency for increased rate of weight gain and for the prevention and control of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii.
Improves digestion Rumensin helps create an environment that supports good bacteria and decreases the likelihood of bloat and acidosis. 
Phosphorus level of 2.0% Provides phosphorus for growth and reproduction.
Trace mineral fortified Provides essential trace minerals zinc, copper, selenium
  1. Feed this block free choice. Provide at least one block per 5 head of cattle.
  2. Locate the blocks near the animals feeding, watering loafing areas. 
  3. Cattle should consume from 2 oz. to 8 oz. of block per head daily providing 50 mg to 200 mg of Monensin per head daily. Discontinue feeding if block consumption falls below 2 oz. or rises above 8oz. daily. 
  4. Feed blocks continuously. And one additional block when each block has been 1/2 consumed.
  5. DO NOT feed salt or any other mineral supplement along with this block.

NOTE: The effectiveness of this block in cull cows and bulls has not been established. Beef cattle can be fed 3 mg/head/day of supplemental selenium from feed supplements for limit feeding.

Crude Protein (min) 4.0% Phosphorus (min) 2.0%
Crude Fat (min) 1.0% Salt (min) 11.0%
Crude Fiber (max) 12.0 % Salt (max) 13.0%
Calcium (min) 4.3% Potassium (min) 1.3%
Calcium (max) 5.0% Vitamin A (min) 120,000 IU/lb
Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF) (max) 14.0% Copper (min) 200.0 ppm
Selenium (min) 12.0 ppm Zinc (min) 800.0 ppm
  • Friona, TX
  • Cheyenne, OK
  • Hill Country, TX

 A withdrawal time has not been established for pre-ruminating calves. Do not use in calves to be processed for veal. 

CAUTION: Do not allow horses or other equines access to formulation containing Monensin. Ingestion of Monensin by equines has been fatal. Monensin medicated cattle and goat feed is safe for use in cattle and goats only. Consumption by unapproved species may result in toxic reactions. Feeding undiluted or mixing errors resulting in high concentrations of Monensin has been fatal to cattle and could be fatal to goats. Must be thoroughly mixed in feeds before use. Do not feed undiluted. Do not exceed the levels of Monensin recommended by the feeding directions, as reduced average daily gains may result. If feed refusals containing Monensin are fed to other groups of cattle, the concentration of Monensin in the refusals and amount of refusals fed should be taken into consideration to prevent Monensin overdosing.

CAUTION: This feed contains added copper. Do not feed to sheep or other related species.


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