What Are You Missing When You Drive Through Clarendon, TX?

Front of Cornell's Country Store

Have you ever been to Clarendon, Texas? Maybe you haven’t even heard of it. Well this town of just over 2,000 people is located in the Texas Panhandle 60 miles east of Amarillo. If you’re ever in the area, a must stop is the Cornell’s Country Store on Highway 287 for livestock feed and equipment, gifts, and lawn and garden supplies.

Cornell’s Country Store is owned and operated by Bill and Deanna Cornell, and is a business that truly embraces entrepreneurial spirit. Back in 1999, the couple was having trouble finding the feed that they wanted for their horses at home. They determined that there were others like them, and decided to open their own feed store in a small garage.  By November, 2001, the business was growing quickly, so they bought an empty lot in Clarendon to build what is now today, Cornell’s Country Store.

Filled to the brim with everything from chainsaws, to beautiful jewelry and fashions, the store is a delightful experience.  Everyone greets you with a smile, and customer service is a key focus. Deanna says, “I enjoy the people that come into the store, and we make sure that we are the best at taking care of our customers quickly in the store.”

When asked about their incredible success, Bill chuckles modestly stating, “We love working for ourselves, and making decisions about our own busin

The store has a surprisingly diverse customer base. Not only does Cornell’s Country Store service the people of Clarendon, but it has many out-of-town regulars that stop in.

“We get people just driving through town on the highway, vacationers and horse show people traveling to their next event pulling in. There are a lot of hunters who come down for hunting season,” states Deanna. “Most of these customers come back year after year. It’s nice to build relationships with people from all over who come through our town.”

Bill notes, “For me, it’s almost like we have two different customer bases, the out-of-towners and the locals.  People know that they are going to be taken care of here at Cornell’s. They won’t have to wait in line, things like that.”

Cornell’s Country Store has been working with Hi-Pro Feeds for the past seven years selling feed and recommending animal nutrition solutions to their customers. When asked about how the recent facelift to the Hi-Pro Feeds premium horse feed portfolio is going over with customers, the Cornell’s mention that the changes are making a difference. Bill notes, “The color coding of the bags makes it easy for a customer to know which feed they want. They don’t have to look at the tag to see the protein or fat content, its right there on the bag.  It makes it easier for us to sell, when people ask for a recommendation, the protein and fat levels are right there in front of you.”

Deanna says “I was raised with horses, and it’s nice to talk to horse people and help them find what they need or want. The new Hi-Pro Equine bags and feed selection counter card makes it so easy to talk about.  The entire product line covers such a wide range of nutrition needs. Hi-Pro Equine Feeds can provide whatever you need.”

So if you have never been through Clarendon, Texas, maybe you should. Take a detour, and make sure you stop in and visit with Bill and Deanna at Cornell’s Country Store. Buy some Hi-Pro feed, and then whatever other goodies your heart desires. We know they’ll have it for you and treat you to great customer service!

For more information on Cornell’s Country Store, click here, or just stop on by at 903 E. Hwy 287, Clarendon, TX.

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