What Are the Benefits of Raising a Backyard Flock?

Little boy smiles holding his chicken

Beyond the obvious of producing eggs, are there benefits to raising a backyard flock of layers? With a little research and conversation, we have compiled a list of benefits to incorporating a laying flock in your backyard this spring.

  1. Sense of Pride

Raising layers that could produce up to 300 eggs per year not only provides the tangible benefits of eggs, but the sense of pride that comes with raising your own food. In addition, having confidence in where their food originates from and how it arrives at their table brings consumers a great deal of pride.

  1. Family Education

The activity of raising a backyard laying flock is a growing phenomenon in the U.S. It provides an opportunity for families to spend quality time together and teaches kids about responsibility and empathy as they tend to their flock. Children can help gather eggs (counting), refill feeders (measuring), provide clean fresh water and help clean the coop. In addition to routine chores, time spent tending a backyard flock can help the entire family connect to nature by encouraging more time spent outside together.

  1. Pest Control

Along with providing food and educational opportunities, chickens can play a significant role in keeping pests at bay. Chickens have an affinity for a variety of insects including grasshoppers, beetles, spiders, fleas, termites, slugs, ticks, and aphids. Their diets make a great compliment to a home garden and provide a chemical free solution to pest control. Not only are they consuming pests, but they are also complimenting their diets with great sources of protein.

  1. Sustainability

Backyard flocks promote sustainability through natural recycling and composting processes. Chickens naturally love green things (grass clippings, veggie scraps, etc.). Through their digestive process, chickens allow the natural composting of these scraps and turn them into high nitrogen fertilizer that can be returned to the yard or garden and repeat the cycle!

We hope these tips will provide insight as you look to add a backyard flock to your home. For more information on backyard poultry, visit a Hi-Pro Feeds dealer near you or download our Poultry Guide here: Backyard Poultry Guide