Top Three Tips for Managing Mineral

Cattle in Silhouette

Find out what experts suggest are the top 3 tips for managing mineral when it comes to your herd of cattle all year long.

  1. Place small amounts of mineral supplement per station.

Provide small amounts of mineral near water points or lounging areas so that cattle have easy access to them. To prevent loss in open troughs, place set amounts of mineral supplement based on the herds intake for a given period of time. Monitor the herds’ consumption and regularly refresh the mineral supplement.

  1. Monitor weather conditions.

Hi-Pro mineral have a weather protection package added to help prevent loss due to moisture and minor weather events. However, mineral supplements are often open to the elements, place fresh mineral supplement as often as possible at feeding stations to keep it fresh. If the mineral has gotten wet, empty it from the tub in case the old mineral has spoiled.

  1. Always keep a supply of cool, clean water.

The most important nutrient to a ruminant animal is an ample supply of water. Cattle that don’t drink sufficient water each day don’t eat as much forage which reduces their performance.  Ensure your livestock have access to ponds or water troughs to provide them with an ample supply of cool, clean, water.
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