Teghan Brooks – Hard Work Pays Off in the Show Ring

Winning at the San Antonio Stock Show

At just 15 years of age, Teghan Brooks of Wolfforth, TX won Grand Champion Wether Dam at the 2018 San Antonio Livestock Show. A 6-year veteran of the show ring, Brooks enjoys the challenges and life lessons provided by raising champion sheep.

Teghan began showing animals at a young age with the support of her family. She purchased her Grand Champion Wether Dam at Diamond C, which is owned by her uncle Skipper Carlisle and his family. Carlisle taught Teghan how to show sheep and her father and brother have helped her with feeding and exercise. The Brooks’ use several Hi-Pro feeds as needed, including Lamb Grower 2000APEX Show Lamb Enhancer, and Sweet Three All Grain. “I like Hi-Pro Feeds because they use quality ingredients and we always have consistent high quality product,” says Brooks.

Raising champion sheep is hard work and Teghan follows a routine to help get her sheep ready for show season. “We feed our show animals twice daily and usually exercise or walk them 3-4 days a week,” said Brooks. “When we were not exercising, we shear or work the hair on their legs or practice showing. We also show at a few jackpots to travel and gain show experience.”

Along with all the hard work that goes into raising and showing a sheep, Teghan is very active in her school and community. She participates in FFA (Veterinary Science CDE team, Horse Judging), 4-H (Horse Quiz Bowl, Horse Judging), Ranch/Stock Horse events with the American Quarter Horse Association and the Stock Horse of Texas Association, and plays basketball at Ropesville High School. Why add raising and showing sheep to such an impressive list of responsibilities? “I like learning things through activities, and I knew showing would teach me a lot about livestock, plus I thought it would be fun,” explained Brooks. “It was tough learning to be patient while training and working with sheep, but I like the challenge of hard work, and it was a great way to spend time with my family.”

Even with six years of experience Teghan still feels the ebb and flow of emotions in the show ring, but once her number is called she embraces the challenge of trying to do her best. “I always get nervous before showing,” said Teghan. “Once I get in the show ring my nerves go away and I have fun. I enjoy the challenge of trying to do my best so the sheep looks their best,”

At the 2018 San Antonio Stock Show Teghan saw her hard work and dedication pay-off with her biggest win to date. “I was in the show ring for a long time and it is hard work to maintain the intensity needed to show a sheep,” explained Brooks. “Once I was able to relax, the reality of what just happened began to set in and it was very exciting. We got a lot of attention. The exhibitors and people watching were congratulating us and wanted to get pictures. Everyone was happy and celebrating. It was a great time and a great feeling.”

Teghan is already raising two sheep for the fall shows, and plans to get a few more for the winter/spring shows. Hi-Pro Feeds is very proud of this hard-working young lady, and look forward to hearing about her future accomplishments.

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