Sawyer Lunsford – Never Too Small for Big Challenges

Sawyer and his parents in winner's circle

At the age of ten, Sawyer Lunsford of Dimmit, TX is already a seasoned livestock show veteran. “My older brothers also show” he explains “I started with mini-Herefords when I was three and my brothers taught me. I definitely wanted to show cows because they are not as nasty as the pigs.”

Even with the mentorship of his big brothers Sawyer admits “It took a small village of support to get me where I am! My friends and family encouraged me all the way.” That support also helps Sawyer to participate in UIL Spelling, rodeo, and to volunteer for Snack Pak for Kids, an organization that provides food and snacks for children in his area who need it.

Even after seven years of showing Sawyer still finds ways to challenge himself. “Last year I didn’t have a nose ring in my calf” he says, “My other calves were much more patient than he was!”

This year, however, Sawyer found his partner in crime in Hereford, TX from their family friend. “I looked at all the calves and picked Silver Belly because I thought he was the best one.” He explains

Sawyer and his family keep up a strong routine for their show calves. Sawyer has learned to wash and dry every day, as well as walking and practicing for the shows. “My favorite part of it all is the showing, it’s a nice rest from washing and drying every day.” Sawyer says.

In addition to grooming and exercise, Sawyer’s nutrition program includes Hi-Pro Show Feeds. “I raised Silver Belly on Hi-Pro feed because it gives me plenty of fiber, protein, and fat. It’s the same every time we open a bag.”

This routine and nutrition program led Sawyer to win Grand Champion mini-Hereford steer at the 2017 Tri-State Fair, and Breed Champion Market Steer at this year’s Castro County Livestock Show.

However, even with all his experience, he is still very young. “It can be hard showing against all the older showmen. But I love the shows, so I always try hard in the ring and stay focused. That helps me not worry.” Sawyer explains “And when I win, I am so happy for my calf! It makes all the hard work worth it.”

Sawyer is already looking forward to next year. “I really hope I find a calf as good as Silver Belly” he says.

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