Paige Beheler – In Her Own Words…

Paige in winners circle

My name is Paige Beheler and I am 18.  I live in Terrell, Texas where I am a senior at Terrell High School.  I also hold the Reporter position as a Terrell FFA officer. FFA takes almost any free time I have left over after school and chores.  I also like racing and showing cars as I am member of Lone Star Corvette Club and participate all I can.

I have lived on the same small farm surrounded by cows, chickens, and other small animals all my life.  I’ve always loved animals.  When I started high school in ninth grade, I couldn’t wait to join FFA.

Our advisor, Ms Watson, is really the one who taught me how to raise my animals.  She had scheduled days and times after school that she would work with us, and teach us, how to continue to work on our own also.  She kept us aware of upcoming shows and made sure we got entered and got there.  She also made sure we got fed too. Ms Watson always seemed to know what was available in our area and would help us to get the best animals we could.

My first three years, my grandmother bought feed, hay, and supplies, and hauled it and myself back and forth to the barn nearly every day.  For four years, she has taken me and attended all but one show I’ve been at.  She has also taken care of my animals anytime I couldn’t or when I was out of town at my dad’s.

I used Hi-Pro feeds originally because it was what my advisor said to use.  Turned out, it provided my animals with the nutritional elements that they needed to grow up healthy, happy, and show quality.

I really picked my animals based on what others had at the school barn and on recommendations from our FFA teacher/advisor, Ms Kirsten Watson.  The first year I began with Dwarf Nigerian dairy goats.  I had two and they were so sweet.  The second year, I added a zebu, named Stargazer, to the two goats.  The third year I only showed Stargazer.  Then, my senior year, I had (on loan) a baby dairy goat, same zebu, and added a Charolais steer.

That year, when I added the Charolais, I now had three animals in the barn and it was very challenging.  Three animals to train and walk, three stalls to maintain, four buckets of water twice a day, three hay bags to fill, and eleven different feed items in three different bowls twice a day to mix.  That along with ever thing else, let’s just say, I had no time for boys!

My favorite barn project is Stargazer. I started with him in the 10th grade.  He was tiny when he came.  I sat with him in the stall in the beginning for days to get him used to me.  I walk him pert near every day and practiceed his standing.  I also bathe him and love on him a lot.  He was raised on Hi-Pro Show Feeds mixed with beet pulp.  He’s the one I win with frequently.  These days he’s so sweet, I really have to just love on him. He’s trained, and ready to go.

I love going to shows.  It’s time to spend with my favorite animals and most my favorite people.  I like to be part of “the team”.  I like showing and don’t usually get nervous except sometimes in showmanship. I am also always excited to win.  I’m kind of shy and seem calm but I am really thrilled and excited inside to win, not only for myself but for our team, Terrell High FFA.

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