Maul Feed and Seed – Two Brothers Facing Challenges and Succeeding Together

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It takes grit and hard work to weather the hardships in agriculture but no one knows that better than the Maul brothers of Maul Feed and Seed in Pampa, TX. “It can be hard to find a balance.” Adam says “You’re working hard to keep your customers happy, and trying to meet their individual needs, but at the same time you’re trying to outguess the weather and the seasons to figure out and anticipate what the grass is going to look like.” “The drought hit everyone hard” Wade adds “In a lot of ways people in the area are still recovering.” These are challenges familiar to anyone working in agriculture these past years. However, in spite of this, the Maul brothers consider themselves lucky. “We’ve got a good location.” mentions Wade “We’re between small towns and a lot of large cattle operations. We’re lucky with that.”

They also consider themselves lucky to have strong support from their families. “Our wives work here on alternate Saturdays, which are our busiest days. And it’s been cool to have the kids come out and help. We’re training them up to learn the ropes.” Adam says proudly.

The brothers are well known to the area, having grown up a mile down the road from the store. “We worked together in construction before moving over here.” explains Adam “In 2010, we got the opportunity to purchase an operating feed store, so we went for it. I had worked at this store when I was in high school. It’s amazing, I never would have imagined growing up to own it.”

“The transition was pretty easy.” says Wade “We were already running our own business and had grown up farming and ranching. So, there wasn’t a huge learning curve for us in making the switch.”

The transition of the dealership account with Hi-Pro was also smooth. “We met with Judson Williamson a few times, and he helped us through that process.” explains Adam “They are easy to get along with, and we like that they are less formal than other companies. We like to have a good time at work, so we cut up a lot, and I like that the people with Hi-Pro cut up right back. That makes is a lot easier when you have to call in and make an order. Most of the people up there I consider friends. That’s how easy they are to get along with.”

Much like the brothers, Hi-Pro also knows when to get serious. “They take care of their customers.” Adam continues “If there is a problem, they make it right. We deal with a lot of companies, and Hi-Pro is one of the easiest for us to deal with. We value that, because it makes rising to the challenges of this industry a little less hard when you feel like you’ve got friends on the other end of the line helping you solve problems. They want us to succeed.”

If you find yourself in the Pampa, TX area, stop by Maul Feed and Seed. They are located at 11385 US Hwy 60. You can also call them at 806-665-5881.