Introducing HOGSTOP® – Now Manufactured by Hi-Pro Feeds

Feral hog on grass

Recently, a new tool to fight invasive feral hogs has been introduced to the market by Corona Feed Additives, LLC. HOGSTOP® is a contraceptive bait used to control feral hogs (Sus scrofa) on pastures, rangeland, forests, and non-crop areas.

An all-natural contraceptive bait, HogStop targets the male hog’s prodigious ability to reproduce. Feral hogs have the highest reproduction rate of any similar species and can produce a new litter every three months or so and each litter can be as large as 20 piglets.

“I am very excited about this new product, Hogstop,” Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said. “This could be a great new weapon in the war on feral hogs.  It appears that unlike other hog baits, this is not a poison.  Instead, it interrupts the reproduction of this animal over time, and therefore makes the product more humane.  Hogstop, or any other product that is available to help Texas farmers and ranchers curb the damage done by these feral hogs, is welcomed at the Texas Department of Agriculture.”

Hogstop is considered a 25 (b) pesticide by the EPA, and as such, does not have to be registered by TDA before use.

“Contraceptive baits like HogStop work to strike a blow against the exponential growth of the feral hog population in Texas,” said Miller.  “As we fight to find other ways to eradicate these pests, these kinds of products can knock down the numbers over a period of time.”

Hi-Pro Feeds is now the sole manufacturer of this product in the Southwest.

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