The 2018 Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show

Interior of trade show floor

Earlier this month, Hi-Pro employees attended the 2018 Cattle Industry Convention where they networked with industry colleagues, and attended learning sessions at the Cattlemen’s College. The Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show has been a tradition for 121 years, and features over 400 exhibits ranging from the latest RFID ear tag technology, to the newest tractors on the market.

According to the NCBA website The Cattle Industry Convention is the oldest and largest national convention for the cattle business. The convention and trade show create a unique, fun environment for cattle industry members to come together to network, create policy for the industry and to have some fun.

Our team, along with thousands of other attendees, visited Downtown Phoenix for the event. The convention center and surrounding hotels were filled with cattle producers, vendors and exhibitors. As one person in an elevator said “I’ve never seen so many cowboy boots in my life.”

The Phoenix Convention center was filled with booths of all shapes and sizes, all set up and built around a display of large equipment. Massive tractors, back hoes, trailers and more filled the center of the building. The Sunday prior to the convention, every parking meter downtown was reserved for equipment. To get all the equipment into the show, traffic is stopped and a parade of equipment is driven or towed through underground tunnels and up into the building. All the booths and tables for other exhibitors are set up around the indoor equipment displays. Outside, even larger equipment is displayed, with free test drives available to attendees.

In addition to the exhibitors and vendors, for the past 25 years the convention has held Cattleman’s College. This event features dozens of courses taught each day by industry experts designed to help producers maximize their operation and keep up with the latest industry news and technology. Throughout the day, the Learning Lounge on the trade show floor also features talks and Q & A sessions regarding a wide range of industry topics.

Throughout the four-day event, there are lunches, cocktail hours, and receptions all designed to encourage industry professionals to network, build and maintain relationships with cattlemen and women from all over North America.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has been an educator and advocate for the beef cattle industry since 1898. In addition to the annual Convention and Trade Show, they hold multiple events throughout the year, including a legislative conference to help industry professionals understand the issues, and meet the policy makers in Washington, D.C. From the NCBA, “Through three mergers, numerous organizational splits, economic busts, natural disasters, world wars, changing political views and evolving consumer wants, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has persevered as the voice of the American beef industry.”

For more information, visit their website.