Giovanni Lopez – Special Care Leads to Big Wins

Capone licks Giovanni's grinning face

Giovanni Lopez, 16 from Terrell, TX, fell in love with taking care of longhorns by watching his big sister, featured in this blog post from a few years ago. “I would help her any chance I got.” He says “I was helping my sister take care of hers when another student abandoned their longhorn. I made a bond with him, so I decided to take care of him and see how we did at shows.”

Longhorns, in particular, are a love of Giovanni’s. “I think they are beautiful because there is no two alike, especially with so many different types of horns.”

Giovanni’s sister and his ag teacher taught him how to raise show animals, but the special care and love comes straight from him. Giovanni purchased his current longhorn from Lonestar Longhorns in Centerville, TX, and his special kind of care started right away. “I always sit in the stall for 14 days when I first get them.” He says “It’s my favorite part because they are only six months old, and I create a strong bond with them while they get used to me. Every one of them is my baby.”

His award winning routine also includes Hi-Pro Show Feeds. “My teacher recommended Hi-Pro since our first longhorn and we’ve loved it since. Why buy six different feeds and supplements when Hi-Pro has everything in one bag? I love how Hi-Pro is always in stock and has every ingredient needed to make my cattle ready for shows.”

Looking back on past years, Giovanni reflects on how much he has changed and grown over time. “My first year I was really nervous at shows because I knew I wasn’t the best and barely had any idea what I was doing. The shows for me now are calm and relaxing because I’m by myself with my babies.” He says, “We go show and try to win.”

Giovanni is ambitious, and says he is always striving to be better. “My teacher says I have the ability to be the best showman out there.” He says “But even if I don’t win, as long as I’m having fun with my babies, that’s all that matters.”

Though he is humble, Giovanni doesn’t have to worry too much about not winning. His longhorns have brought home many awards, most recently Breed Champion at the Kaufman Police Association Longhorn Show. “It felt amazing seeing the judge come shake my hand and your adrenaline just starts racing. The moment he shook my hand my smile lit up because I realized I did it.”

Hi-Pro Feeds is proud of Giovanni’s hard work and leadership. For more information on our Show Feeds, click here.