Ethan Wulff – First-Time Livestock Showman Wins Big at County Fair

Ethan Wulff, 15 of Terrell, TX, had his first taste of the show ring this year, and has definitely got the bug for it. “I have really enjoyed showing this year!” he says, “I definitely plan on showing again next year.”

For Ethan, showing livestock is a family tradition. “I have always wanted to show livestock because I have family members that have done it. I love working with animals.”

He also had lots of community support. “Since this was my first year, my FFA teacher donated my steer to me and showed me everything I needed to do for him to gain weight and setting him up.” This advice also included Hi-Pro Show Feeds. “I like the feed because it really helped my steer put on muscle mass.” Ethan says.

Along with his FFA teacher, Ethan had a whole town of supporters as he got started on his journey. “I had a lot of family and friends that helped me when I needed it.” he says, “Even my neighbors and people in town who knew I was showing this year were supporting me all the way.”

For a first timer, Ethan had to start at scratch before he headed into the show ring, and it was definitely challenging. “He really does not like putting on the halter!” he says of his steer, “But he has gotten better about it.”

Of course, all the hard work pays off once the big show is on. “My favorite part was getting to show him in the arena. I had never done it before, and I was really nervous. But when the judge told me I won, I was so excited. I knew I must have been doing something right.”

Ethan’s zebu steer won Grand Champion in Showmanship at the East Texas State Fair. Not bad for a first year showman! Later, he won Grand Champion at the Curry County Fair in Clovis, NM.

We at Hi-Pro are very proud of Ethan and his accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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