Dwayne Wieler – Connecting with Animals and Winning Big

Dwayne Wieler, 17 of Loop, TX, is fairly new to showing livestock after two years, but his instinct with the animals gives him an edge. “I’ve shown steers both years, and they seem to react very differently one year to the next.” He says, “I’ve learned to adapt to each steer so that I can ease their stress and calm their behavior in different situations. This really helps me be a better showman.”

Dwayne always enjoyed watching his friend show their animals, but a few years ago was given an opportunity to show his own and jumped at the chance. “I’ve loved the experience and value everything I’ve learned on this journey.” He says. The friends he had always supported were quick to return the favor, teaching him everything he knows alongside his ag teacher Koby Schooler. “The whole school supported me in every way possible. If I ever needed a hand or had questions, they were always ready to be there for me.”

Dwayne’s winning routing involves walking, washing, and working their hair several times a week. He also feeds his steers Hi-Pro Feeds twice a day, starting with Hi-Pro Starter and ending with the Finisher. “It was the best feed to use in getting the results that I wanted to show a great quality steer.” He explains, “It is a very high-quality feed with all of the proper supplements needed to transform them into a great show animal.”

For Dwayne, the hardest part and his favorite part go hand in hand. “Halter breaking, walking, and having them gain trust in me in the early stage is the hardest.” He says, “But I love going to the ag barn and bonding with the animals. There’s nothing like watching them grow from a calf to a magnificent show creature.”

This last year, Dwayne’s steers brought home Grand Champion and Breed Champion at his home county show. He purchased his winning steers from Colton Scott, and says he felt a connection and could see the potential in them from the beginning. Still, after all the hard work he was pretty nervous in the arena. “The more we showed, the more confident my steer and I both got in the show ring.” He says, “I was so shocked when we won! I felt really proud that all the hard work and effort paid off.”

Next year is Dwayne’s senior year, and he is ready to keep showing. “I haven’t decided whether or not to show multiple steers or go all out with one, yet. But I’m looking forward to another year of showing.”

Hi-Pro Feeds is proud to support enterprising youth in agriculture. Congratulations to Dwayne Wieler! For mor information on our show feeds, click here.