Dallas Turner – Winning Big for the First Time

Dallas Turner and her steer

Just 13 years old from Seminole, TX, Dallas knows that consistency is key to winning, but with a schedule full of sports, cheerleading and other community and school activities, that consistency can only come with the help of a community. “Raising animals requires a village!” she exclaims “I’ve acquired my knowledge over the years from family, breeders, my extension agent, and trial and error at the barn. Also, I owe a lot to my parents! They’ve never let me settle for anything less than doing my best my entire life, and that applies in raising animals. They see stock showing as an investment in me and my character. Given my age, they drive me to the barn daily and support me in all aspects of my projects.”

Along with her parents, Dallas credits her 4-H advisor Terry Millican, her breeders Matt and Mary Savage of Savage Cattle Company, as well as her fitters Bryce and Quynten Tarbet with helping her develop into the winner she is today.

This year in particular, she remembers fondly her experience at the breeder, Savage Cattle Company, and how she found her winners. “I went with my parents to look at a steer and we bought him, but while we were there this little black heifer caught my eye as well, because she was the friskiest heifer out there!” Dallas explains, fondly “I knew I had my work cut out for me, but she also the heifer that had the biggest volume holding belly and was built like a show heifer should be. I just knew I wanted her too!”

That instinct paid off in spades this year, as her steer and that frisky heifer “Betty” took her all the way to Fort Worth and the winners’ circle. “If you aren’t at least a little nervous, your heart probably isn’t all in it!” she says “However, the more you prepare, I find the less the nerves will get to you! Consistently working hard at home is key to success on the road.”

Her big win was felt by her community as well. “I was over the moon excited and so were my breeders, Matt and Mary!” she says “I think secretly my dad cried but he would never admit it.”

Dallas says that daily care, guidance, showmanship, and proper nutrition set her up for the year she achieved in the ring. “I feed my Maintainer heifer the Hi-Pro Show Heifer Developer. Condition in show heifers is essential to their performance. I love the way my heifer grows and develops body on this feed. Palatability and availability have never been an issue with Hi-Pro.” Dallas says “I have found Hi-Pro Show Feeds to be consistent in quality and freshness! I have fed both the Developer and Finisher to my animals, and never have issues with consumption or palatability. My cattle gain, grow and maintain breeding soundness while staying fresh in their condition.”

Dallas is very grateful for everything showing has brought to her life, even beyond success. “Stock shows are my favorite place to be, because it’s a place of fellowship with people you love pushing to make the youth and industry better.” she explains. “The responsibly learned, the rewards gained, and the bond you create with your project my favorite parts of raising livestock. Don’t tell my steer, but me and Betty have the better bond!”

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Photo Credit: Katie Ray Photography in Seminole, Texas