Casey Stevens – In Her Own Words…

Casey Stevens in the winners circle

I am 16 years old and I live in Zephyr, Texas. In addition to livestock shows, I am Vice President of the Mullin FFA Chapter. I compete in Agri-Science, Ag-broadcasting, and Public Speaking. I also participate in UIL ready writing.

I have raised and showed Boer Goats for 11 years and am a ABGA (American Boer Goat Association) and JABGA (Junior Boer Goat Association) member as well as a JABGA board of director Region 5.

Even with all that experience I knew there was an opportunity to expand my knowledge of agriculture. Cattle are for sure not the easiest species to care for but I wanted the challenge and experience.

The first year I purchased a dark red Beefmaster heifer from Brad Turner. My schedule consisted of attending school, coming home to tie up the heifers, feed goats, medicate any goats, and feed cattle. My mother, brother, and Agri Science teacher all help me in tending to my animals. They have taught me everything I know about cattle and goats. We feed Hi-Pro Show Feeds. What I like about Hi-Pro feeds is the nutritional value and results. I receive positive results when I use Hi-Pro feeds and I am thankful for the researchers and nutritionalist that provide top notch quality feed for animals.

My heifers and goats are simply walked daily to work on their showmanship qualities, and I found it very challenging when working with my heifers is lead breaking. Being able to keep them calm and mess with their feet is a challenge and takes lots of practice and patience. When I did go to my first show, I was a nervous wreck but over time I gained confidence. That is the key to everything, having confidence.

This year, my second year, I bred my own heifer and bought another heifer. I felt good about my prior year, so I decided to make higher goals for myself. I wanted to place well at my county show and make sale and I am proud to say that is exactly what I did.

Even with pushing myself to achieve more and all the challenges I faced, I am thankful for all of it. When I won I felt so much appreciation for my hard work. It felt nice to be recognized for all the hard work over several months. The knowledge that I had gained from the experience is very rewarding, as well as the banner and belt buckle to represent the hard work that took place. Next year, I will be showing two heifers and some Boer goats.


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