Cannon Pelfery – A Boy and His Heifer, Winning in the Show Ring

Cannon Pelfery and his heifer

Livestock show kids often say that their hard work paying off and the thrill of competition are some of the best parts of the experience. Cannon Pelfery, 11, of White Deer, TX feels a little differently.

“I love building a new relationship with my animal every year” he says, ”We get to travel to new places and shows. We work hard all year as a team, and then we go into the show ring, and I feel a rush of excitement!”

This year, Cannon’s hard work with his heifer paid off at the Carson County Livestock Show when they won Reserve Grand Champion. “It felt amazing when all our hard work paid off. I was so proud of my heifer! I raised her from one of our cows, and I’m excited to watch her help build our herd and improve our genetics.” he says.

This was his third year to show. It is a family business, his dad showed steers as a teen, and Cannon’s older brother Colt, 18, has been showing for years. “I really enjoy working with them at the barn. They and my mom are really supportive of me. They help me with my animal in nice weather and in bad weather. We think it takes a whole family to be successful.” Cannon says, proudly. They also have a supportive community around them, Jess Shirley, Mark and Laura Zanchettin, and the Freeman family, to name a few.

While Cannon does say getting his heifer halter broke this year was quite a challenge, he walked her daily. His nutrition plan consisted of Hi-Pro Show Feeds. “I like that no matter the weather it is easy to work with, always consistent and good quality. My animals love it!” he says. They get their feed from Maul Feed in Kingsville, TX.

While Cannon had a great experience showing this year, he says he hopes that in future there are fewer shows cancelled due to the pandemic. He is very excited about finding that new special show animal to travel and compete with next year.

Hi-Pro Feeds is proud to support Youth in Agriculture. For more information on our Show feeds, click here.