Cambree Pittman – Cambree and Ms. P, Growing Up Together in the Show Ring

Cambree Pittman, 11 years old from Canadian, TX, had a blast showing her friend Ms. P last year. “Ms. P is so special to me.” She says “We both have the same personalities and have had a lot of fun this last year. Neither one of us can sit still or stay focused very long!”

Purchased from J Bar Braunvieh in Hedley, TX, Ms. P won Reserve Champion Braunvieh Heifer at Tri State Fair last fall.

“My older brothers had been showing cattle, and I always wanted to have my own animals.” Cambree explains “I would always help them with their projects.”

Around the Pittman household, showing is a family project. “ Our family does the show projects as a team, and we all have our parts to do.” Cambree explains. “I also have lots of show friends that have helped coach me and helped me improve on my showmanship. My braunvieh family especially Jordyn, Jalyn, Avery K, Shelby, and Antonio and my breeders John & Loretta Hall, give me so much support and they are the best.”

The Pittman’s winning formula is Hi-Pro Show Feeds, and a strict schedule of exercise. “I try to walk Ms. P 3-4 times a week, but she also enjoys being out in her little pasture.” Cambree says “I like Hi-Pro Show Finisher because it is a complete feed ration that helps my cattle to be successful. Also, Ms. P really loves it!”

Even with all this support, showing livestock is hard work and challenging. “It is early mornings and late nights, which usually causes me to get a little grumpy.” Cambree says “Also, it’s hard for me and Ms. P and I stay focused in the show ring.”

However, it’s the community and the adventure that keeps Cambree and Ms. P working hard. “I love being able to hang out with my friends from all over that I don’t get to see all the time.” Says Cambree “I am not usually too nervous because I have such a large cheering group there for me. Ms. P also helps me be confident.”

“Ms. P and I have made lots of memories over the last year and a half. We are always on the go, and curious about what is happening around us!” Cambree says, “Ms. P and I were both excited to get the slap at Tri State Fair, and I am already showing with her calf Low Ride.”

Hi-Pro Feeds is proud to be a part of Ms. P’s winning routine and look forward to seeing what she and Cambree do next. For more information on our show feeds, click here.