Bryar Sherrill – Rising to the Top, Year After Year

Though Bryar Sherrill of Levelland, TX is only 13 years old, he is an established veteran of the Livestock Show circuit. “I’ve grown up with livestock and showing has been a family business. I have been showing since I could walk in jackpots, but I have had the pleasure of showing at majors for 6 years.” He explains. “Ever since I could walk, I would go to the barn and help out. I grew up loving lambs and could not wait until I was able to show.”

This lifetime love of lambs comes from the amazing growth he observes over time. “My favorite part of raising a show animal is to see how it has progressed from when I got it to show day. I like to see all the improvements that we have made together.” He says.

Raising lambs is a family business, but Bryar considers his grandpa to be the most influential mentor. “He has been there with me through it all from the beginning. He has always been willing to help me when I am sick or away for the day at another event.” He explains. “My family is so supportive. I’m not old enough to drive, yet, and they are always willing to get me where I need to go. They are there for everything I need along the way.”

Even with such a strong support system, it is hard work raising lambs for the show ring. Bryar’s recent lamb came from Diamond C Club Lambs, and was kept on a strict schedule. “I fed my lamb twice a day, 12 hours apart.” He explains “The best feed that we found to fit our needs was Hi Pro Lamb Grower 2000. I think that it is a high quality base feed that we do not  have to add too many additives to get the results that we are looking for. Every bag is always fresh and consistent.”

Bryar continues, “I also cleaned out his water in the evenings and made sure that he had fresh water daily. I had a schedule in the afternoon that consisted of working legs, practice showing, and exercise both on the treadmill an on the walker.”

This level of hard work just continues as they are on the road. “While at the shows I feel that it is a little easier because I only have to take care of one animal at a time. We also run on a different schedule while at the shows to keep them dialed in so that keeps me busy.” Bryar explains.

“What I found to be most challenging from start to finish is the breaking of the animal when you first get it.” He says, “I think that getting your lamb to trust you and halter breaking can be difficult because you have taken the lamb to a new location and away from everything that it has ever known.”

He continues “I don’t usually get nervous until I get dressed for the show. That is when I realize that I need to get my game face on and prove to everyone that I am capable of doing what it takes to be a winner.”

This year, Bryar succeeded beyond even his own expectations. “This year was different from the past because I placed in the top ten in every Texas Major and also had Reserve Grand Champion at my County Show.” He continues “This has affected my experience because I know that I am capable of continuing this and only placing higher. I also know that if I don’t not to let myself get down because there is always next time.”

Undaunted by the added pressure, Bryar is emphatic about his future in the show ring. “Yes! I absolutely will keep showing. I have plans to show every year until I graduate or win to where I am not allowed to return.”

We at Hi-Pro Feeds look forward to seeing what Bryar will accomplish next! For more information on our show feeds, click here.