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Front of Bradley Supply

After 20 years working for the electric company in the Clayton, NM area, Ty Bradley decided he needed a change. “I was raised on a ranch in the ag industry, and you always want to go back to it.” he explains “It was a tug every year. Then I hit a crossroads in my life and knew if I was going to make my life over, it was now or never. However, the unknown is a real fear. The motivation that drove me was I knew I wanted a new direction.” Then, the local lumber and hardware store came up for sale.  “I had learned how to work in business with the electric industry and decided I might as well do it for myself.” Ty explains.

Six months into business the local feed store owner approached Ty to see if he wanted to buy him out. It was another risk, and required more capital to build onto the store, but Ty knew the community needed a feed store, so he took the plunge. Hi-Pro Feeds sales representative Blake Williamson decided to take the plunge with him.

“He really made an impression when he walked in. Blake instilled in me that between both of us we could grow the business, because he was starting out at the same time I was starting. He sincerely wanted us to grow together, and that’s exactly what happened.”

It took hard work, and a lot of communication, between Bradley and Williamson. “There was definitely a learning curve.” Ty continues “You’ve got to understand each product, but you’ve also got to understand what each rancher likes and needs. It’s a neat product to sell but every rancher thinks a little different. So, you’ve got to understand your products from a customer service standpoint, but on the business side you’ve got to learn your pricing spots on where you need to be to move volume.”

In spite of the challenges, it was the people in his community that kept Mr. Bradley going, and still keeps him going. “The best part of this job is the people. It feels  good when you make a sale and know you’re helping someone. We always fall back on good service and a quality product. I can tell you right now that in the agriculture industry people are pretty loyal. If you’re treating them right and giving them a good product they will stay with you.”

But it’s more than just service and quality that makes Bradley Supply so special. “It took me a few years to realize how much the people appreciate having us here.” Ty says “We’re so appreciative to have customers, I didn’t realize at first how much they appreciate us. They want a feed store. They are happy to have someone go out on a limb, and take that risk, because otherwise they’ve got to drive out some distance to get what they need. That is really gratifying. We’re so grateful for their business, but to also know that we are providing a valued service to our community feels really good.”

This service to community has effected how Bradley has grown his store, and shaped what it is today. Lumber and hardware, ranch supplies, and livestock feed are all stocked and ready to meet the needs of Clayton, and the surrounding areas.

If you’d like to check out Bradley Supply, feel free to stop on by! They are located at 102 S. Front Street in Clayton, NM. You can also give them a call at 575-374-3333.

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