Plain Feed Bag

Green Meadows Forage®Auto Pilot ™

Tag: 13408385
Form: Textured
Weight: 25 lbs.

Green Meadows Forage® Auto Pilot™ helps enhance rib and center body dimension as well as helping manage weight for targeted shows.

  • Achieves desired fill on show day
  • Contains natural forage, oats, rolled barley, and soy hulls
  • Decreased animal stress in times of limited feed intake
  • Increased body dimension and rib shape
  • Lowered body temperature during times of heat stress
  • Improved digestive tract health
  • Encourages feed intake and water consumption
  • Helps manage weight

Auto Pilot® can either be fed as the sole or supplemental ration. Make sure the transition to Auto Pilot from other feeding methods is gradual to prevent digestive upset make sure clean water is available prior to each feeding.


Crude Protein (min.) 15% Phosphorus (min.) .7%
Lysine (min.) 1.5% Salt (min.) .2%
Crude Fat (min.) 6% Salt (max.) .8%
Crude Fiber (max.) 22% Selenium (min.) .30ppm
Calcium (min.) .65% Zinc (min.) 150.00ppm
Calcium (max.) 1.3%


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